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Stable Isotopes

Analysis of magnesium isotopes with the IMS 1280-HR

The new IMS 1280-HR offers improved capabilities at very high mass resolution conditions, one of the targeted applications being the Mg and metal isotope analysis in multicollection mode at Mass Resolving Power (MRP) > 5,000.
Simultaneous detection provides key advantages for this type of analysis (optimized precision, better useful yield, higher analysis throughput...)  The IMS 1280-HR multicollector system is renowned for its field-proven reliability. Its 5 movable collector units cover a large mass range, from Lithium to Uranium isotopes, while its state-of-the-art detectors provide excellent stability with low background. What's more, the magnet pole piece of the CAMECA large geometry ion microprobe has been completely redesigned in order to minimize off-axis aberrations and to improve peak shape in multicollection mode. The IMS 1280-HR is therefore now equipped with an even more powerful parallel detection system.

Magnesium isotopic analysis in Olivine

Micrometer-scale, high-precision Magnesium (Mg) isotopic analyses provide essential information regarding the timing of early solar system events.
magnesium-isotopic-analysis-in-olivineThe left-hand side graph shows that an excellent repeatability can be obtained for the δ25Mg and δ26Mg ratios measured with multicollection at very high mass resolution. 
A reproducibility of 0.2 - 0.3 permil (1δ) could be achieved, the same performance being obtained when increasing the mass resolution from MRP(50%)~5,000 to ~8,300.
This demonstrates that high precision can be used routinely achieved in multicollection mode using very high mass resolution conditions.
Data courtesy of CRPG Nancy, France.




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