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From Geochronology to Environmental Studies...

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- Analysis of extra-cellular biomineralization (NanoSIMS)


- Zircon U-Pb Dating (LG-SIMS)
- Monazite Dating (EPMA)


- Rare Earth Element Analyses (SIMS)
- Quantitative analysis of pyroxene at high spatial resolution (EPMA)
- Zoned Mineral Analysis (EPMA)

Stable isotopes

- Carbon isotopes in diamonds (LG-SIMS)
- Analysis of magnesium isotopes (LG-SIMS)

Environmental studies

- Uranium isotope analysis on nuclear particles (LG-SIMS)

Our geoscience product line includes:

The SXFive (EPMA) for localized, precise elemental quantitation and mapping of mineral phases, between 100wt% and a few ppm. Widely used in mineralogy, petrography, geochronology (monazites) and cosmochemistry.

The SXFiveFE (FEG-EPMA) for high spatial resolution (sub-micron scale) x-ray mapping and quantitative analysis of minerals, trace and minor elements.

The IMS 7f-GEO: optimized for localized (0.5µm-50µm) quantitation and mapping of isotopes and trace elements (down to ppb concentration level), as well as for stable isotope measurements (H, B, C, O, S,..) and REE analysis.

The NanoSIMS: offering a seven-mass multicollection together with 50nm resolution, it is used for isotopic or elemental analysis and mapping of sub-micron features.

The IMS 1300-HR³ which provides the highest transmission (=sensitivity) at high mass resolution along with multicollection. It ensures precision & reproducibility at the level of tenth of permil, from small area measurements (5-50µm). The ultimate tool for the analysis of stable isotopes, trace elements (light and Rare Earth Elements) and for geochronology (U, Th, Pb).



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