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From R&D for Semiconductor Materials to In-fab Metrology

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- Deep and shallow depth profiling of implants (SIMS)
- Light element analysis (SIMS)
- Depth profiling at sub-nm resolution with (EXtreme Low Impact Energy SIMS)
In-depth analysis of SiGe structure with the SIMS 4550 
Analysis of Dopant Distribution in Transistors with LEAP Si 3D Atom Probe
- Analysis of Silicidation Process in Metal Thin Films with LEAP Si 3D Atom Probe


- 3D FinFET Metrology with the EX-300 Shallow Probe
- Ultra shallow implant metrology with the CAMECA Shallow Probe: Boron Example
- Front-end HKMG Metrology with the CAMECA Shallow Probe
- SiON metrology with the IMS Wf & SC Ultra
Oxynitride metrology using CAMECA Quadrupole SIMS

Several CAMECA product lines are optimized for semiconductor applications...

SIMS: research instruments, near-line and through-the-wall tools
Extreme sensitivity, high mass resolution, high dynamic range, low detection limits and high analysis throughput... the CAMECA SIMS instruments are recognized throughout the international IC community as best in class for investigation on new materials and devices. They are also used as near-the-line tools for automated in-line process control.
Our SIMS line for semiconductor includes:

  • The IMS Wf and the SC Ultra: optimized for trace element depth profiling of ultra-thin structures at EXtremely Low Impact Energy (EXLIE).
  • The IMS 7f-Auto: depth profiling with high sensitivity (down to ppb atomic concentration) and 2D or 3D imaging of trace elements.
  • The SIMS 4550: quadrupole SIMS for Ultra Low Energy profiling with unsurpassed ease of use, flexibility and insulator analysis.

LEXES based In-line Metrology Tools

  • The Shallow Probe EX-300 is our flagship tool for composition and thickness measurements of ultra-thin structures.

3D Atom Probe

  • The LEAP 5000 provides excellent field-of-view and detection efficiency, making this instrument model ideal for semiconductor and microelectronic applications requiring high data rate, throughput, and sensitivity.



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