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LEAP 5000

3D Atom Probe Microscope with unmatched 3D sub-nanometer analytical performance.

The LEAP 5000 is CAMECA's cutting-edge atom probe microscope, offering superior detection efficiency across a wide variety of metals, semiconductors and insulators: more than 40% extra atoms detected per nm3 analyzed!

Increased analysis volumes & detection efficiency
Unparalleled compositional precision & accuracy
Greater productivity & ease-of-use

The LEAP 5000 platform collects nanoscale information from a microscale dataset in just a few hours!

LEAP 5000

> Increased detection efficiency provides unparalleled sensitivity

> Improved Field-of-View and detection uniformity - the ultimate 3D spatial resolution

> Enhanced multi-hit detection capabilities for the most accurate compositional measurements

> Faster and variable repetition rate for ultra-high speed data acquisition

> New robust & ergonomic platform for increased ease-of-use and reduced time-to-knowledge

> Live-time monitoring to ensure the highest quality data in every measurement

>> Advanced laser control algorithms provide measurably improved sample yields

The LEAP 5000 delivers improved compositional accuracy, precision and detection limits, enhanced sample throughput together with increased yield and ultimate reproducibility.

The LEAP 5000 Family

LEAP 5000 XS

The LEAP 5000 XS combines new flight path technology with enhanced detector performance to offer improved field of view whilst achieving unprecedented detection efficiency ~ 80%, the highest of any such analytical technique! In addition, the advanced laser pulse module capable of offering repetition rates of up to 2 MHz makes the LEAP 5000 XS the ultimate in efficiency and productivity.

LEAP 5000 XR

The LEAP 5000 XR incorporates the advanced reflectron design and enhanced detector performance (detection efficiency increased to ~ 50%) and adds all the benefits of advanced laser pulsing capable of repetition rates of up to 500kHz. The LEAP 5000 XR is the most capable atom probe across the widest variety of research and development applications.

LEAP 5000 R

An improved voltage pulsing system capable of 40% greater pulse amplitudes and pulse repetition rates up to 500 kHz together with a new advanced reflectron design and enhanced detector performance makes the LEAP 5000 R the most powerful voltage mode atom probe ever produced.


LEAP 5000




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