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CAMECA News 2011

EMEZ inaugurates the 1st 3D LEAP in Switzerland
5 Dec 2011: Electron Microscopy ETH Zürich (EMEZ) celebrates its 5th anniversary and inaugurates its recently installed LEAP 4000X HR. EMEZ is an interdisciplinary facility of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich providing resources for scientific research on materials. Several talks are planned for the morning session (among which an Introduction to Atom Probe Imaging and Spectroscopy by Tom Kelly). Lab tour and demonstration on the LEAP system will follow in the afternoon. 

SXFiveFE live demo season in the US
2011-sx5-blueNov. 2011: the live demo season of our new Field Emission EPMA will start at our Madison, WI offcices in early November. You will be able to work with our EPMA specialists and achieve the best possible analysis of your samples! Please contact CAMECA Instruments Inc., phone +1 608 274 6880 or to schedule your demo.  

Research Institute selects CAMECA IMS 7f
Established in 1959, KAERI is now a global leader in nuclear energy research and development. Dr Kyuseok Song and his team selected our SIMS instrument for its excellent precision in small particle analyses. The IMS 7f will be installed in Daejeon, within the Nuclear Chemistry Research Division, and further equipped with APM (Automated Particle Measurement Software).

IGGCAS Beijing to be equipped with IMS 1280-HR

A CAMECA IMS 1280-HR will soon be installed at IGGCAS (Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences). The instrument will complement the IMS 1280 and the NanoSIMS 50L already under operation in the IGGCAS labs respectively directed by Prof. Xian-hua Li (see web page of the lab, in Chinese) and Prof. Yangting Lin (see web page of the lab, in Chinese).
Probing into the material, structure, and state of the continental lithosphere of China and adjacent areas, IGGCAS Beijing has made innovative contributions to the theory of the solid Earth system. Professor ZHU Rixiang, Director of IGGCAS, was recently elected AGU Fellow for his exceptional scientific contributions. More information.  

3D Microstructure Meeting & Inauguration of the APT lab in Saarbrücken, Germany
apt-lab-opening-saarbruecken2-4 November 2011: the 3D Microstructure Meeting hosted by Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany will end with the offical inauguration of the new Atom Probe lab. CAMECA's LEAP Atom Probe installed within the Department of Material Science and Engineering is mainly utilized by Prof. Dr. Ing. Frank Mücklich's research group that focuses on the 3D analysis of materials microstructures in the micro, nano and atomic scale as well as on on high performing surfaces by microstructure design, surface structuring and functionalization using advanced laser patterning.

University of Lausanne selects CAMECA's IMS 1280-HR
July 2011: we have just received a new order from University of Lausanne, Switzerland, for the latest model of our ultra high sensitivity ion microprobe. The instrument will be installed at the Institute of Mineralogy and Geochemistry under leadership of Prof. Lukas Baumgartner. Current research projects include interpreting ages in metamorphic rocks, fluid-rock interactions and mineral growth in contact aureoles, partial melting, and much more. The IMS 1280-HR was chosen for its benchmark reproducibility for stable isotope analyses and its superior capabilities for in-situ geochronology.

Utrecht University orders a NanoSIMS 50L
The national facility for high-resolution in situ isotope and element analysis of natural materials at Utrecht University in The Netherlands has purchased a NanoSIMS 50L. Jack Middelburg and Gert-Jan Reichart, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Geosciences, point out that the instrument will be used primarily for biogeochemistry and microbial ecology, paleo-environmental and climate reconstructions as well as planetary and solid earth science studies, nevertheless, the lab remains open to all types of applications from academia or industry.

CAMECA launches new Field Emission Electron Probe Microanalyzer
SXFiveFE-live-demo-at-emas-conference-may201116 May 2011: CAMECA has unveiled the latest addition to its line of high-end microanalytical instrumentation — the SXFiveFE, a Field Emission Electron Probre Microanalyzer (FE-EPMA). The on-going live demo on the CAMECA booth at EMAS Conference in Angers, France attracted great attention from all attendees!
The SXFiveFE is CAMECA’s fifth generation Eletron Probe Microanalyzer, it integrates mature technologies from CAMECA’s SIMS and other EPMA product lines, with the latest developments in general purpose EPMA including a Field Emission source. Read the press release!
For more details on the SXFiveFE, you may also download a 2-page flyer > pdf (867kB), and of course contact our sales team.
Full product information will soon be available on this site! 

Atom Probe Tomography User Meeting
Apr 27-29, 2011: Over 40 CAMECA Atom Probe users from Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe and the US took part in the 2011 APT User Meeting organised in Madison, WI. Contributions by all attendees ensured for a lively and highly interesting meeting! The meeting summary is available for download (pdf 3.5MB). Thanks again to all the attendees for their valued participation.

MRS Innovations in Materials Characterization Award
28th April 2011: Tye T. Gribb of DTE Research and Development, and Thomas F. Kelly and David J. Larson of CAMECA Instruments, Inc. received the MRS Innovations in Materials Characterization Award for their joint work on the Local Electrode Atom Probe Tomograph. This award honors an outstanding advance in materials characterization that notably increases knowledge of the structure, composition, in situ behavior behavior under outside stimulus, electronic behavior, or other characterization feature, of materials... Read more.

Atom Probe order accelerates the adoption of APT within the semiconductor industry
Feb. 2011: A major US microelectronics company has placed an order for a new CAMECA Atom Probe model, complementing their existing instrument. This new order demonstrates the significant potential of APT for optimizing performance and yield in development and production of next generation micro-electronic devices. It also validates the applicability of the APT/SIMS/TEM complementary approach for characterization of complex nano-materials.

Japan seminar on ceramics & glass 
Feb. 2011: CAMECA Japan gave several oral presentations on the LEAP, NanoSIMS and IMS 7f instruments at a seminar organized by the Japanese Society of Ceramics. Several of our customers presented astounding results obtained with their CAMECA SIMS ion probes. Atomic scale analysis and imaging of ceramics and glass samples with Atom Probe Tomography was also thoroughly discussed. 

CAMECA unveils new semiconductor tool for B:SiGe and HKMG
EX-300 26 January 2011: CAMECA has announced the latest addition to its line of high-end metrology systems—the EX-300 metrology tool targeted for front-end process control of 22 nm technology nodes and beyond. This highly versatile system benefits from CAMECA’s 10-years of experience with LEXES technology. We optimized the performance of the EX-300 for challenging HKMG, epitaxial layers such as B:SiGe and shallow implants, fulfilling requirements of both rapid device development and high-yield mass production. In addition, the tool is designed to deliver enhanced long-term stability and minimize MTTR. Read the full press release.



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