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The LEAP 3D Atom Probe finds new applications in biomineralization
Dec. 2010: Typically employed to analyze metallurgical and semiconductor samples, Atom Probe Tomography was recently used in a study of chiton (a marine mollusk) teeth by Northwestern University material scientists Lyle M. Gordon and Derk Joester. The results were published in NATURE Vol 469. 3D nanoscale chemical maps of the teeth obtained with the CAMECA LEAP 4000X Si helped elucidating hidden structures of biological importance. More on the NATURE web site.

Supporting the LED lighting revolution
Nov. 2010: The Education Ministry Engineering Research Center for Luminescence Materials & Devices at Nanchang University, China ordered a CAMECA IMS 7f to support Professor Jiang Feng-yi and his team in their research on Si-based LEDs. This order confirms the superior capabilities of the CAMECA Dynamic SIMS instruments to boost R&D of LED devices.
> More information on the lab (web site in Chinese)

NanoSIMS applications in soil science

The new "nanoSOIL" facility of the Technische Universität München, Freising, Germany was inaugurated in October 2010 with a workshop on the applications of secondary ion mass spectrometry in soil science.
> More information on nanoSOIL facility

Astounding performances of our EXLIE SIMS instruments
EXLIE SIMS depth profiling Thanks to new Cesium and Oxygen sources, the IMS Wf and SC Ultra can now operate under under Extremely Low Impact Energy SIMS conditions to monitor in-depth distribution of dopants with sub-nm depth resolution.
> More on EXLIE SIMS

CAMECA IMS 1280: confirmed leadership in nuclear forensics 
particle-analysisThe recent purchase of an Ultra High Sensitivity Ion Microprobe IMS 1280 by the Institute for Transuranium Elements (Karslruhe, Germany) confirms CAMECA's undisputed leadership in the field of nuclear particle analysis. It is the second public tender won by CAMECA for this type of applications over the past 2 months, following a long success list.
> More on Nuclear Particle Analysis

Photovoltaics R&D with SIMS
pvPV samples were recently analyzed in our Application Lab, confirming that SIMS will play an increasing role in the R&D of PV devices.
Last June, CAMECA exhibited at PV America and participated in the 34th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference. 
> More on PV applications with SIMS  

The CAMECA NanoSIMS opens new perspectives in environmental microbiology
Nitrogen fixationUsing NanoSIMS measurements, scientists from Caltech recently published a paper in Science describing the nitrogen fixation by deep-sea archea and its sharing in methane-consuming microbial consortia. This finding extends the demonstrated lower limits of respiratory energy capable of fueling N2 fixation and reveals a link between the global carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycles.
> Full article 

IMS 7f to support R&D of fuel-cells at Tohoku University, Japan
December 2010: Tohoku University just ordered a CAMECA IMS 7f. Founded in 1907 as the third Imperial University of Japan, Tohoku University has become a world leading research center in materials science. Several labs at Tohoku University are involved in the development and testing of new fuel-cell and ion-lithium systems, they selected the IMS 7f for its superior performances and extreme sensitivity in the characterization of nanoscale chemical reactions on the battery electrodes.

SX 100 to further equip Department of Atomic Energy, India
December 2010: AMD, the Atomic Minerals Division of the Department of Atomic Energy located in Hyderabad, India, ordered a new SX 100 EPMA to replace its old SX 50 model. Led by Dr Rajgoplan, AMD has a long experience in analyzing geological, but also metallurgical and synthetic solid materials with EPMA.

Reconsidering the constituents of life
December 2010: An exciting discovery was recently published in a SCIENCE article (Dec. 2, 2010 issue). In addition to the six standard major elements composing all known life (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and phosphorus) a bacterium from a Californian lake was discovered to be capable of using arsenic to build its macromolecules and grow. The discovery published by Felisa Wolfe-Simon of NASA/USGS includes NanoSIMS analyses made at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory by Jennifer Pett-Ridge and Peter Weber, co-authors of the paper. If confirmed the new findings could alter the way we describe life and may have profound evolutionary and geochemical significance.

Automated Particle Measurement with SIMS
APM-softwareNovember 2010: a new technical note presents the APM software for CAMECA SIMS models IMS 1280, IMS 7f/6f-PC and NanoSIMS 50/50L. SIMS screening with ion imaging using APM is the only method that can determine location and isotopic composition of sub-micron sized particles within a matrix of complex composition. Main applications are in nuclear safeguards & forensics, environmental studies, cosmochemistry, as well as cell & microbiology. You may request a pdf version of the new technical note.

NanoSIMS 50L to advance research in marine microbiology
November 2010: The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde, Germany, has ordered a NanoSIMS 50L in cooperation with the University of  Rostock. Funding was provided by the German Ministry of Education and Research. The NanoSIMS will be used in many areas of marine biology, geology, chemistry and related topics. Main application will be the exploration of microbial induced substance flows in the marine environment.
This recent order demonstrates the strong market position of the CAMECA NanoSIMS in the field of environmental microbiology. High lateral resolution combined with ultra high sensitivity and precise parallel detection of isotopes allow the efficient work with elemental markers.

Toshiba NanoAnalysis selects CAMECA SC Ultra
September 2010: Toshiba NanoAnalysis (TNA) is a leading Japanese analytical service company with main focus on semicondcutor R&D. TNA selected the CAMECA SC Ultra instrument for its unique EXLIE SIMS analysis capabilities, making it the tool of choice for advanced transistor structure characterization.

IMS17Atom Probe Tomography at IMC17, Rio, Brazil
21 September 2010: Chaired by Thomas Kelly, head of CAMECA's LEAP technology center and Didier Blavette, GPM Rouen leader, the APT session at the 17th International Microscopy Congress will showcase the most recent applications of APT in physical metallurgy, micro- and nanoelectronics, and explore synergies with TEM. CAMECA is also associated with the presentation by M.K. Miller (ORNL, USA) The Atomscope Concept - A New Branch of Microscopy.

CAMECA IMS 1280 to equip Russian nuclear safeguards laboratory
August 2010: The Laboratory for Microparticle Analysis, Moscow, Russia, ordered CAMECA's ultra-high sensitivity ion microprobe IMS 1280, confirming our leadership in nuclear forensics. The instrument will be equipped with the latest version of APM, CAMECA's software for Automatic Particle Measurement.
The Laboratory for Microparticle Analysis is located within the Institute for Theoretical & Experimental Physics (ITEP), one of Russia's most prestigious research institute and a world leading center for nuclear science.

School on Atom Probe Tomography, Rouen, France
Dr Dave Larson, CAMECA Instruments Inc. is the invited speaker of the 2nd School on Atom Probe Tomography organized by Rouen's Groupe de Physique des Matériaux, October 25-29, 2010. The course will include theoretical lectures on the principles of APT and practical sessions on specimen preparation, data processing etc...
> Information and registration

CAMECA announces the appointment of Jean-Charles Chen as VP Sales and Services
12 July 2010: We are pleased to announce that Jean-Charles Chen will take over worldwide Sales and Services activities for all CAMECA product lines. Previous to his joining of AMETEK as VP Sales and Services of CAMECA, Jean-Charles Chen has been serving for four years as International Sales and Marketing Director at Thales Electron Devices, a subsidiary of the Thales Group. Mr Chen started his career in 1985 at Hewlett Packard France, and then joined the Thales Group in the late 80's to successively hold several positions in the Sales and Marketing organisation of the Group for different Business Units (Components, Air Traffic Control Systems, Services) including over 10 years of posting in Asia and more recently in the USA as acting CEO of the subsidiary of Thales in New Jersey. Mr. Chen is an engineering graduate from ENI in Brest. He completed his study at the IAE, a school of business management in Paris, France and later at the IFG a school in Business Strategy also in Paris.

IFES 2010 Symposium CAMECA Silver Sponsor of IFES 2010, Sydney Australia, 5-8 July 2010
Special thanks to the 150 delegates who attended the CAMECA Update & Welcome Drink Reception on Monday 5 July, at the 52nd International Field Emission Symposium in Sydney, Australia. Several CAMECA Atom Probe specialists made the trip to Sydney and gave numerous talks all throughout the symposium, among which an invited talk by Ty Prosa in the "Frontier Materials" session: "Evaluation of various organic materials for atom probe analysis". Other presentations included "Effect of analysis direction on the measurement for interfacial mixing on thin metal layers" by David Larson, "New concept of APT mass analyzer" by Ludovic Renaud, etc... Don't hesitate to contact us for details of these presentations. You may also visit the official IFES 2010 web site.

AMETEK, Inc. acquires Imago Scientific Instruments 
8 April 2010: AMETEK, Inc. has acquired Imago Scientific Instruments, a privately held manufacturer of 3D Atom Probes, based in Madison, WI, USA, significantly broadening its technical capabilities in differentiated, high-end analytical instrumentation. Imago joins CAMECA as part of AMETEK’s Materials Analysis Division. Imago's operations in Madison will become part of the CAMECA Business Unit, and Dr Tom Kelly, founder of Imago, will continue to lead his team in the further development of this exciting technology for nanoscale elemental analysis. Imago’s LEAP models of Atom Probe will become part of CAMECA's product line along side the latest generation of LA-WATAP from CAMECA.

CEA-LETI selects CAMECA 3D Atom Probe
19 March 2010: the CEA-LETI in Grenoble, France, placed an order for the latest model in our LA-WATAP series. World leading nanotechnology research center, CEA-LETI is already user of CAMECA magnetic sector SIMS instruments. CEA-LETI will use CAMECA's wide angle, high mass resolution 3D Atom Probe for the development of advanced semiconductor electronics and photovoltaic materials and structures.

Opening of the new NanoSIMS 50L facility at the Department of Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna, Austria
10 Feb 2010: Over 250 guests attended the official ceremony and listened to the scientific talks and welcome speeches by the Dean of Faculty, by the Vice President of the University as well as by Marcel Kuypers, Director of MPI Bremen. Under leadership from Michael Wagner, the Department of Microbial Ecology of the University of Vienna is one of the world leading center for single cell microbiology and the study of microorganisms in selected ecosystems. Besides single cell microbiology, the NanoSIMS 50L of University of Vienna will serve various medical applications.

Starting 2010 with plenty of orders!
We are delighted to start 2010 with plenty of orders, among which...

  • a NanoSIMS 50L to be delivered to Stanford University's Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology. Part of the new Science and Engineering Quad (SEQ2), another NanoSIMS 50L to the Institute of Geoscience of the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing (already IMS 1280 user).
  • a SX 100 purchased by UCSB's Department of Earth Science (University of California at Santa Barbara), to improve the performance of their current SX 50 lab. The instrument will be mainly used for geological applications, some services will be performed for the Material Science Department as well
  • a SIMS 4550 and an IMS 7f to leading industrial customers in Korea
  • an IMS 1280 to ITU Karlsruhe, Germany

India EPMA User Meeting, Wadia Institute
CAMECA EPMA Meeting in India9-13 Nov. 2009: the EPMA user meeting was co-organized by CAMECA and Gannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd., Mumbai, Indian agents, and hosted by Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology. Scientists from prestigious SX 100 facilities in India attended. SX 100 applications in geology and metallurgy were presented by various customers, CAMECA introduced new software features. With almost 20 microprobes already in operation in India, CAMECA is the undisputed leader in this fast growing market.

New Atom Probe order from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
October 2009: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) just ordered the latest model of our Laser Assisted 3D Atom Probe. The instrument will be installed at one of KAUST's core research facility within the Materials Science & Engineering department, under leadership of Prof. Tala'at Al-Kassab. Located on the eastern shore of the Red Sea at Thuwal, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology was inaugurated in September 2009. CAMECA is extremely honored to play a role in KAUST's impressive program to develop one of the world’s leading scientific research institutions. 

SIMS XVII Toronto, 14-18 Sep. 2009
CAMECA had a large and busy booth at SIMS International in Toronto. Recent instrumental developments and new applications were presented at the various poster and oral sessions... Among these, the astounding results of our IMS Wf/SC Ultra for EXLIE Depth Profiling, the latest advances of Atom Probe Tomography for Semiconductor Materials, and much more!
Special thanks to our customers who attended the CAMECA reception on Sep. 17th!

Short Course on SIMS in the Earth and Planetary Sciences, Toronto, May 2009
The Short Course "Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry in the Earth and Planetary Sciences: Gleaning the Big Picture from a Small Spot" organized by Prof. Mostafa Fayek (University of Manitoba) was held in Toronto last May, prior to the 2009 Joint Assembly of the Mineralogical and Geological Societies of Canada and USA. Most of the speakers being long term users of our SIMS instruments, CAMECA was very pleased to sponsor the course.

Launch of the new Ion Probe Facility at University of Western Australia, housing both CAMECA IMS 1280 and NanoSIMS 50
2009-1280-launch-uwa28 August 2009: The new ion probe facility at University of Western Australia was launched in presence of Australian Federal Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr.
The two CAMECA instruments are the flagships of the $39 million national Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF). UWA Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alan Robson, stated that the recently installed IMS 1280 would enable the University to extend beyond its existing record of scientific achievement to reach new levels of international excellence for the benefit of the whole community.

SX 100 inauguration at Geological Survey of India, Bangalore
SX 100 Inauguration at GSI BangaloreThe newly acquired SX 100 Electron Probe MicroAnalyzer was inaugurated on April 29, 2009 in presence of key Indian geologists of GSI. GSI is India's premier earth science organization, involved in geological mapping of the country, exploration of mineral deposits, and the study of natural hazards.
The CAMECA SX 100 is installed in a brand new EPMA facility within the PPOD laboratories of AMSA in Bangalore. It will be used for routine mineral analysis (silicates, oxides, sulphides...), as well as for specialized applications such as Th-U-Pb geochronology.
Mr N.K. Dutta, Senior Deputy Director General of GSI (Geological Survey of India) stands right next to CAMECA EPMA engineer Jean-Marie Winter.



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