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ABC News reports on how CAMECA ion microprobe helps discover new ore deposits in Australia
In a recent report, ABC News explains how the IMS 1280 installed at the University of Western Australia in Perth contributes to the discovery of new ore deposits in Australia.

With all the easy discoveries already being exploited, innovative technology is essential to help find new deposits located under thicker soil layers.
Researchers at the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) in Perth have developed a new method based on multiple sulphur isotope ratio measurements using the CAMECA Ultra High Sensitivity SIMS ion microprobe.

Designed to achieve excellent precision and reproducibility on stable isotope ratio measurements, the CAMECA IMS 1280 and 1280-HR ion microprobes are widely applied to sulphur isotope studies, which are useful not only for ore deposit exploration, but also for metabolic studies, atmospheric chemistry or even research on early life.

In Perth, the data generated by the CAMECA SIMS instrument is critical to creating a road map of ore bodies, helping explorers find new deposits and ensuring the longevity of Australia’s mining industry. "We are using this incredible machine to transform a really common element such as sulphur into a powerful tracer, to track the role of the sulphur from the source to the ore deposit," says CET Researcher Stefano Caruso.

Read more on ABC news web site!



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