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Atom Probe shines on the cover of Microscopy Today Sep. 2014 issue!
The September 2014 issue of Microscopy Today has a magnificient cover illustrating this month's feature article by A.D. Giddings* et al.: "Reverse Engineering at the Atom Scale: Competitive Analysis of a Gallium-Nitride-Based Commercial Light-Emitting Diode".

The article reviews the most recent structures developed by LED technology leaders, from compound semiconductor GaN devices to multilayer structures, Quantum Wells and Multiple Quantum Wells, Superlattice and Electron Blocking Layers, up to the newest non-planar 3D nanostructures.

Shown on this cover is the 3-dimensional reconstruction of a GaN LED nanodevice obtained with CAMECA LEAP Atom Probe. Single points mark the position of a subsampke of the detected atom. Mg is represented by red, Al by cyan, In by indigo and Ga by yellow. Isosurfaces indicate volumes containing concentrations greater the 3.0 at.% Al  and 3.0 at.% In. 
Atom-cloud-from-a-reconstructed-GaN Today, Atom Probe Tomography is the only technique capable of achieving suitable 3D spatial resolution and chemical sensitivity in order to analyze the complex structural and compositional nature of these novel devices. APT assesses the 3D composition, dopant clustering, segregation, interface roughness and other structural features of great interest to any engineer conducting competitive/failure analysis, and this detailed analysis is obtained with relative ease!

The full article is available for download from the home page of (throughout September 2014).
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* Before joining a major semiconductor firm to lead the deployment of APT technology, A.D. Giddings was an Application Scientist at the CAMECA Atom Probe Technology Center.



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