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Visit CAMECA booth at 35th IGC, Cape Town!
28 Aug - 4 Sep: Come to CAMECA booth C5 at the International Geological Congress to learn more on the IMS 1300-HR³ and KLEORA, our recently launched SIMS giants, the most powerful instruments for stable isotope analysis and U-Pb dating!

Dr Ian Holton will answer all your questions on these recently launched SIMS giants, as well as all the other instuments in our geoscience range, IMS 7f-GEO, SXFive EPMA and LEAP 5000 Atom Probe.

Don't miss out on Ian's oral presentation Geological Applications of Atom Probe Tomography (Session: Instrumental, Experimental and Laboratory-based Developments in the Géosciences - 31 August  2016 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM).



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