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CAMECA launches new LEAP 5000 Atom Probe at M&M 2014
LEAP 50005 Aug 2014: CAMECA stengthens innovation leadership with new LEAP 5000 Atom Probe microscope unveiled during a special event organized at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford during M&M 2014. 

The new, cutting-edge LEAP 5000 Atom Probe integrates mature technologies from previous LEAP models and comes equipped with a redesigned detection system offering increased efficiency, advanced laser control, faster data collection and real-time monitoring capabilities, all housed in a more robust and ergonomic platform. Thanks to these advances along with greatly enhanced ease-of-use and productivity, the LEAP 5000 continues to set the industry standard in providing the ultimate in analytical accuracy, sensitivity, and 3D spatial resolution across a wide variety of metals, semiconductors and insulators.

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Quick look back at an amazing launch event!

LEAP 5000 launch at M&M

LEAP 5000 launch at M&M

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