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IMS 1300-HR³ and KLEORA: new ultra high sensitivity SIMS
28 June 2016: CAMECA announced the release of two new ultra high sensitivity SIMS at the Goldschmidt conference in Yokohama, Japan: IMS 1300 HR³ and KLEORA. Both instruments will address the growing demand by environmental and geo scientists for small-scale, in situ isotopic measurements at high precision and productivity. 

While introducing unique and innovative features, the IMS 1300-HR³ (High Reproducibility, High Spatial Resolution, High Mass Resolution) inherits the best functionalities from CAMECA’s previous large geometry SIMS models, which have been adopted by top-ranked research labs around the world. It is clearly the most powerful and versatile ion microprobe on the market, suitable for a diverse range of applications from geochronology, geo- and cosmo-chemistry to nuclear forensics and material science.

KLEORAKLEORA has been fully optimized for advanced mineral dating. Derived from the Greek words for Key and Hour, the name KLEORA evokes the key of time, the tool that enables scientists to travel back through the history of earth.
With KLEORA, CAMECA offers a high throughput, easy-to-use ion microprobe, perfectly tailored to the needs of geochronologists, providing benchmark sensitivity for in-situ high spatial and high mass resolution U-Th-Pb isotopic analyses.

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