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De Beers Exploration to be equipped with SXFive EPMA
June 2016: De Beers Exploration will soon take delivery of a  CAMECA SXFive for its South African based Indicator Mineral Laboratory. 
De Beers, the legendary diamond company present in 28 countries with deep expertise in the exploration, mining, processing and trading of diamonds and retail of exclusive diamonds and jewellery has chosen the most advanced Electron Probe Microanalyzer from CAMECA, a long-time supplier of advanced equipment to De Beers. The Company has several generations of CAMECA Electron Probe Microanalyzers in operation at De Beers Indicator Mineral Laboratory in Johannesburg, South Africa and De Beers' geologists have used our Tools to characterize kimberlite and other Cr-rich spinel minerals for several decades. The new instrument will strengthen De Beers' analytical capability to evaluate diamond-bearing kimberlite discovered by their geologists.

CAMECA is the supplier as it has a track record analyzing mineral grains for their major, minor and trace elements with an excellent degree of sensitivity and stability. The recently ordered SXFive Electron Microprobe will provide unique geochemical investigation capability of diamond and kimberlitic indicator minerals.

With this new instrument delivery, CAMECA takes pride in further supporting a prestigious, international company such as De Beers, as well as in playing a small, but key role in unlocking potential value in the business of diamonds!



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