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Seeing atoms! - IFES celebrates 60 years of field emission & atomic scale microscopy
In 1955, Erwin Müller invented field ion microscopy (FIM), the first atomic scale microscopy technique allowing to ‘see atoms’. He employed a specimen shaped into a sharp point, enabling it to act as a point projection field ion emitter. Sixty years on, the work by Erwin Müller has spurred important and wide-ranging research, including many significant discoveries and inventions. Atoms can be detected and their positions reconstructed to create high-resolution 3D atom maps in a technique known as atom probe tomography (APT). Now an established microscopy technique, APT has led to ground-breaking advances such as obtaining the first 3D images of segregation to dislocations, understanding the growth of nanowires, determining the kinetics of elemental steps in catalytic surface reactions, revealing precipitation pathways in engineering alloys, and confirmation of the dating of the oldest minerals on earth, to name just a few examples.

To celebrate 60 years of achievements in atomic scale microscopy, IFES will award an inaugural round of "Felllows of the International Field Emission Society" at the Atom Probe Tomography & Microscopy (APT&M) conference next June 12-17 in Gyeongju, South Korea. CAMECA has built long-term relationships with many of the nominees, and we will be very pleased to join the celebrations and congratulate them! 

Having equipped dozens of materials science institutions across the world with several generations of CAMECA Atom Probe microscopes, we will naturally attend APT&M 2016, not only as sponsor, but also as scientific contributor, with several of our instrumental and applications scientists presenting the latest developments on our APT product line.

More on the history of IFES, the upcoming event and the list of nominees in the below articles by Julie Cairney, Baptiste Gault and David Larson: 

Illustration: Field ion micrograph of pure-W along the (110) direction imaged with helium at 25 K. Courtesy of IFES.



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