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Already booking orders for new LEAP 5000 Atom Probe!
Less than 6 weeks after unveiling the new LEAP 5000 Atom Probe microscope, CAMECA is already taking in the first orders! A prestigious Belgium R&D consortium has selected the XR model and a leading semiconductor manufacturer has ordered the XS model.

A LEAP 5000 XR Atom Probe has just been ordered by a consortium of Belgium institutions under leadership from Prof. André Vantomme, Head of the Nuclear Solid State Phyics Group within KU Leuven's Department of Physics and Astronomy. The consortium gathers five of the most prestigious research institutions in Belgium:
- KU Leuven, Belgium's largest university also ranking amongst Europe's leading research universities,
- IMEC, an R&D institute also headquarted in Leuven conducting world-leading research in nanoelectronics,
- OCAS, a market-oriented research center for steel applications,
- University of Gent,
- University of Hasselt.

It is quite a satisfaction for CAMECA that Prof. André Vantomme selected the LEAP 5000 XR, CAMECA's newest Atom Probe model released just a few weeks ago at M&M conference! The LEAP 5000 XR integrates mature technologies from previous LEAP models and comes equipped with a redesigned reflectron (detection efficiency increased to ~ 50%) as well advanced laser pulsing capable of repetition rates of up to 500kHz, making it the most capable atom probe across the widest variety of research and development applications.

The new instrument will be installed in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at KU Leuven and run as a users' facility. It will be applied to a large range of research topics from nanoscale engineered films, microelectronics and semiconductors to steel and metallurgy, conformal coatings, corrosion and energy (PV & storage).



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