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SIMS 19 International Conference, Jeju, Korea
Sep 2013: CAMECA is Diamond Sponsor of the event and we look forward to welcoming visitors on booth #11~13. Many colleagues will join, not only from CAMECA Korea, but also from CAMECA Inc., USA and our headquarters in France!Among the highlights of SIMS 19:
  • Tuesday Oct. 1st - HALLA Hall 2 - 12:10am - Oral presentation by Dr. Alexander Merkulov: Characterization of Nitrides based LED materials using Dynamic Sector SIMS tool.
  • Tuesday Oct. 1st - SAMDA Hall - 2:30pm - Oral presentation by Dr. Alexander Merkulov: Further improvements of Extra Low Impact Energy SIMS data reduction algorithm using APT (Atom Probe Tomography) technique.
  • Tuesday Oct. 1st - SAMDA Hall - 4:30pm - Invited talk by Dr. Thomas Kelly: Atom Probe Tomography of dopants correlated with Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.
  • Thursday Oct. 3 - HALLA Hall 2 - 4:30pm - Invited talk by Dr. Michel Schuhmacher: CAMECA Magnetic Sector SIMS Instruments for semiconductor applications, materials sciences, geo- and biosciences.
  • Tuesday Oct. 1 - Depth Profiling/inorganics Poster Session - Dr Fred Stevie: Improved SIMS & APT characterization of III-V Semiconductors through self-quantifying implants
  • Thursday Oct. 3 Instrumentation Poster Session - Dr. Paula Peres: CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto-High throughput and automation.

Join the CAMECA SIMS 19 Reception!
We have great pleasure in inviting our users to the CAMECA Reception on Tuesday, October 1st,  7:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm, Delizia (3F, ICC, Jeju). Invitation cards will be ready for pick up on the CAMECA booth for all our users. 
We look forward to meeting with you at SIMS 19! 



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