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University of Vienna selects SXFiveFE
University of Vienna, Austria recently selected CAMECA's SXFiveFE electron microprobe to be installed at the Center for Earth Sciences, a department of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy.

The choice of the new SXFiveFE model followed an extensive technical evaluation during which CAMECA was able to demonstrate the superiority of its new EPMA platform in terms of analytical performance, reproducibility and stabiltiy. The Center for Earth Sciences has been previously equipped with a CAMECA SX 100 electron microprobe, however, the new system will greatly enhance their EPMA analytical capabilities thanks to the unequalled performance of its Field Emission electron source allowing X-Ray mapping and accurate quantification of trace elements at extremely high spatial resolution.

The SXFiveFE will be used by several research teams under leadership of Prof. Rainer Abart, and applied to a wide range of geological studies including the investigation of meteorites and their impact on Earth, the petrological, geochemical and geochronological characterisation of plutonic, ophiolitic, and metamorphic rock units of the continental and oceanic crust.



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