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A third SIMS at JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
CAMECA 1280-HR JamstecCAMECA's latest generation IMS 1280-HR ion probe was recently delivered to the Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research of JAMSTEC, Kochi, Japan. Over the past few years, JAMSTEC acquired three CAMECA Secondary Ion Probes: a NanoSIMS 50L, an IMS 6f, and the ultra-high resolution IMS 1280-HR model for multidisciplinary researches including geomicrobiology, geology, cosmochemistry and paleoenvironmental sciences.

Thanks to these three SIMS systems and additional advanced microanalysis instruments such as a ultra-high resolution TEM and a triple beam FIB, the Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research, JAMSTEC, is clearly asserting itself as one of the leading microanalysis platforms in Japan. The teams of the Institute's Isotope Geochemistry Group, under leadership from Drs. Ito, Tomioka and Ushikubo, will work on multidisciplinary projects including the study of earthquake mechanisms, paleoenvironment and the evolution of continents and oceans, as well submarine biological resource studies based on the systematic interpretation of drilling core sediments obtained by the D/V Chikyu vessel.



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