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Nanolab Technologies analytical service lab takes the LEAP
Nanolab Technologies, a leading supplier of analytical services to the microelectronics industry, has chosen CAMECA's Atom Probe technology to enhance their strategy of providing the most advanced, ultra high resolution analytical solutions to their customers consisting mostly of top- ranking semiconductor OEMs and fabricators. 

Founded in 2007 in Milpitas, California, Nanolab Technologies has rapidly grown into a leading supplier of analytical services for advanced microscopy, chemical analysis, electrical failure analysis, FIB circuit edit, and defect analysis in support of the semiconductor, MEMS, electronics, LED, solar and other high-tech industries. 

Nanolab's LEAP 4000X HR is the pinnacle 4000 family of LEAP systems that CAMECA will produce. It will be installed within Nanolab's large analytical and test characterization facility in the heart of Silicon Valley, and will play a key role in the research and development of novel microelectronics devices.

As LEAP microscopes are now being used by all of the key microelectronics manufacturers in the world, the Nanolab order demonstrates that Atom Probe is a required technology to succeed in the semiconductor services industry.



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