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The first NanoSIMS 50L in Scandinavia!
CAMECA NanoSIMS at Gothenburg University

As part of the project "The Imaging metabolomics and lipidomics infrastructure", a CAMECA NanoSIMS 50L has been ordered by University of Gothenburg & Chalmers University of Technology. It will equip the Swedish National Center for Imaging Mass Spectrometry (NCIMS), one of the world's most advanced laboratory for imaging mass spectrometry, involved in a wide range of research projects ranging from single cell imaging in neurochemistry to semiconductor research.

Capable of  imaging isotopically labeled molecules and other elements down to 50-nanometer resolution at cellular level, the newly acquired NanoSIMS will broaden the technological base for metabolomics and lipidomics studies.

“Now, our capabilities will be complemented by adding a high resolution imaging technique - a CAMECA NanoSIMS. The NanoSIMS is a key component here and will fill research needs in many scientific fields such as medicine, environmental, and material science in terms of access to this form of high resolution molecular imaging”, says Professor Andrew Ewing of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

More information can be found at the below links:
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