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A Second LEAP Atom Probe at Oxford University!
CAMECA is thrilled to announce the order of a LEAP 5000 XR by the University of Oxford's Department of Materials.

The LEAP 5000 XR will underpin a small research facility within OxfordMaterials, already equipped with a LEAP 3000X HR. Indeed, the Atom Probe Research Group at Oxford University is one of the most active in the world - and it was in this very group that Atom Probe was first developed! A wide range of materials are studied there with APT, from alloys to structural nuclear materials, semiconductors, optoelectronics and catalytics. In addition, the new instrument will support the engagement of OxfordMaterials with academics and industry from around the UK, such as collaborators at the Universities of Cambridge, Sheffield and Imperial College, and partners at Rolls-Royce, the National Nuclear Laboratory and Westinghouse.

"The LEAP 5000 is required to meet increasing demand for access, and will help the UK remain at the forefront of research into materials for energy and aerospace applications, and to further expand our own research interests into areas such as the characterisation of catalytic nanoparticles and nanoelectronic devices", states Prof. Michael Moody, Head of Oxford Atom Proe Research Group.

CAMECA takes pride in a long-lasting partnership with the University of Oxford whose material scientists have also benefited from the NanoSIMS ion microprobe delivered in August 2002. More recently, the Earth Science Department acquired a SXFiveFE field emission electron probe microanalyzer.



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