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PeakSight 6.0 - Automation & Analysis Software for SX EPMA

PeakSight 6.0 is the latest version of the Automation & Analysis software for CAMECA SX Electron Probe MicroAnalyzers. 

Based on .net environement and compatible with the latest Windows versions, it offers a flexible, multi-document interface allowing easy control of all steps of your EPMA project: new data explorer, unified "SAB" panel (Setting, Acquisition, Batch processing), new preview function, history panel, etc...

A set of new functionalities ensures enhanced data acquisition and processing, as well as improved quantification accuracy. Among others, PeakSight can now acquire and process Ll X ray lines which provide a more accurate quantification of the first series transition metals than Lα lines.


PeakSight 6.0 will be delivered with all SXFive and SXFiveFE. Upgrades are available for SX 100, SXFive and SXFiveFE models.

For more information, download PeakSight v. 6.0 pdf flyer at this link: > Peaksight 6.0.

You may also request the EMAS 2015 poster presentation "Accurate EPMA quantification of the First Series Transition Metals using Ll lines".



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