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Inauguration of the Raymon Castaing Microcharacterization Center, Toulouse, France
The new Centre de Microcharactérisation Raimond Castaing was inaugurated on 16th March 2015 in presence the children of this great scientist, consiCered the father of Electron Probe Microanalysis, of several researchers who worked with him throughout his long career.

The Raimond Castaing MicroCharacterization Center is part of the Clement Ader platform at University of Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. It is equiped with a CAMECA SIMS as well as 2 latest model EPMAs: one SXFive and one SXFiveFE. The CAMECA instruments will be applied to a wide range of material science but also geology applications and are expected to become a flagship component of this new research structure, surely one of the most advanced technological platform of the South West of Europe.



Photos courtesy of Alain Labat, Direction de la Communication Université Paul Sabatier.



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