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STRATAGem-SX for optimized thin film analysis

CAMECA now offers STRATAGem-SX, a new PeakSight add-on module for optimized thin film analysis.

Based on the world-acclaimed SAMx STRATAGem software, it can be seamlessly integrated to PeakSight, allowing users of CAMECA SX electron microprobes to easily process data for thin film analysis.

Using STRATAGem-SX’s powerful simulation functions, SX users can define the best experimental conditions for the investigation of thin films and stratified samples. From a specific sample description, i.e. layers and substrate description, STRATAGem generates the following plots:

  • Intensity versus accelerating voltage
  • Intensity versus maximum ionization potential (Rx)
  • Intensity versus layer thickness.

STRATAGem-SX is available for users of SX 100, SXFive and SXFiveFE under PeakSight v.6.0 and above. Please contact our sales team for more information.

STRATAGem is a SAMx trademark.



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