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CAMECA SIMS Data Processing Software under PC-Windows Environment

Specifically developed for CAMECA SIMS instruments, WinCurve offers powerful data processing & visualization capabilities in a user-friendly environment.

Perfect Integration with CAMECA SIMS Instrument

WinCurve allows to easily process all data obtained on CAMECA SIMS instruments:

  • magnetic sector: IMS 7f-Auto/7f/7f-GEO, 6f, 5f, 3f/4f*, IMS 1280-HR/1280, IMS Wf/SC Ultra, NanoSIMS (*equipped with SUN workstations)
  • quadrupole: SIMS 4550/4600.

Using WinCurve, data can be processed directly from the CAMECA SIMS instrument control, but also on a stand-alone computer or lap-top.

WinCurve SIMS data processing software

Modern, User-Friendly Interface

WinCurve is a PC-Windows based program with a docking panel conception allowing users to easily customize the workspace to their own needs.

Complete & Powerful Data Processing

Using WinCurve, SIMS data files can be quickly loaded and efficiently processed.

  • Import and process of data from previous CAMECA Unix Systems,
  • Import and process of data from SIMS 4550 & 4600 PC-based acquisition systems,
  • Process of data acquired with "Checkerboard" analysis mode,
  • Extensive depth calibration capabilities (including Depth curve, Variable sputter rate),
  • Advanced concentration calibration options (including RSF variable curve),
  • Large collection of processing functions,
  • Batch processing mode.

Presentation-Quality Graphics & Reports

WinCurve offers all necessary tools for a real-time, meaningful visualization of SIMS data:

  • Unlimited number of opened graphs,
  • Unlimited number of loaded curves,
  • Multiple axes,
  • Wide range of formatting options: axes control, line styles, labels editing tools...

WinCurve also offers powerful export functions for both data files and graphs, including ASCII, clipboard and Word templates.

You may request our WinCurve flyer for full details on this dedicated software package.




WinCurve is included in the standard software packages for the following CAMECA SIMS instruments:

WinCurve upgrade kits are available for certain models.

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